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Jordan Kuykendall

05/19/2020 – Owasso Police Department provided us an update regarding the Sunday morning homicide. This information was taken from the “Probable Cause Affidavit.”

On Sunday, May 17, 2020, at approximately 02:50 AM, Owasso officers were dispatched to the 8400 block of North 116th East Avenue, within the City Limits of Owasso, Tulsa County, Oklahoma in reference to a physical domestic in progress.

The reporting party, identified as Stephanie Botts, advised dispatch that her son arrived home intoxicated and was fighting. Dispatch was unable to gather further information due to the fact that Stephanie was highly upset.

While Officers were en route, dispatch advised that the son had pulled a knife.

An officer arrived on the scene and made his way to the southwestern bedroom and made contact with the suspect, later identified as Jordan Kuykendall. Jordan was seated on the floor, leaning on the foot of the bed, covered in blood.

The officer also observed the victim, identified as Charles Botts, in the southeastern corner of the bedroom, slumped over, and covered in blood.

The officer identified himself as Owasso Police and began giving verbal commands to Jordan to which he did comply. The officer rolled Jordan over onto his stomach in the attempt to secure him in handcuffs. Jordan then tucked his right arm beneath his stomach and was attempting to roll onto his back, away from the officer. The officer gave several knee strikes to Jordan’s midsection in an attempt to gain compliance. Jordan continued to resist.

Three other officers arrived on the scene.  The first officer continuing to struggle with Jordan.  A TASER was used and struck Jordan’s back/buttocks in order to gain compliance. Jordan responded by removing his right hand from beneath his body and placed it on the small of his back. Officers were able to secure Jordan into handcuffs. Jordan was escorted to the back of a patrol car.

While Officers were escorting Jordan, he began spontaneously uttering that they had the wrong person and that he just had a gun pulled on him.

A knife was observed on the floor by the bed. Blood was seen on the floor in the living room, hallway, and bedroom. There was also blood on the bed, knife, and a rifle.

An officer began rendering aid to Mr. Botts. The victim appeared to have a stab wound in his back. Mr. Botts was breathing but was not alert or responsive. Owasso Medics arrived on the scene and rendered aid.  Owasso Paramedic/Firefighter advised officers that the victim had multiple stab wounds and was in critical condition. Owasso Medics transported the victim to St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa where he was pronounced dead at 4:03 AM.

Stephanie Botts stated that Jordan had been sleeping on their couch for a couple of weeks. Jordan left the residence earlier in the afternoon and returned home at approximately 2:00 AM. Jordan had been dropped off by an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper due to the fact that he was earlier robbed at gunpoint on the turnpike.

The argument began when Jordan overhead his mother tell his stepfather that this wouldn’t have happened if Jordan was at the house like he was supposed to be. Jordan took offense to this. Stephanie stated that Jordan put her in a headlock and put his hand in her mouth and pulled it in a fishhook motion.

Jordan’s stepfather stepped in to defend her and get Jordan off of her. She stated that is when Jordan began attacking his stepfather.  She stated that Jordan was “beating” him with his fists. Charles and Jordan began wrestling, with the stepfather attempting to get Jordan off of him. She stated that Jordan then pulled a knife.

The mother was frantic and was unsure of the specifics of the events after Jordan pulled the knife. Despite this, she was adamant that nobody pointed or fired the rifle. Stephanie further stated that Charles was attempting to get the knife away from Jordan and calm him down.

Stephanie stated that while she was on the phone with 911, Jordan attempted to take the phone away from her several times. A minor child was present and witnessed the incident.

Jordan was arrested for Domestic A&B in the presence of a minor, Murder in the First Degree, Interrupt an Emergency Call, and Resisting an Executive Officer.

Jordan was transported to the Owasso Police Department for mandatory booking procedures.  Jordan was later transported to the Tulsa County Jail.