Visiting Angels of Green Country


One definition of the word “angel” is an attendant spirit.
It’s a perfect description for what the staff of Visiting Angels provides to
Green Country residents.
Visiting Angels offers companionship services, as well as
light housekeeping duties such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and pet care.
Staff members also run errands, and provide medication reminders and respite
care for loved ones caring for a spouse with Alzheimer’s or other forms of
dementia. Additionally, they provide personal care services like bathing,
dealing with incontinence issues, transferring, and assistance with walking and
Owasso resident Page Cole—owner, administrator and director
of Visiting Angels—says he felt called to open the local franchise. “I
originally moved to Owasso to become the executive pastor of First Baptist
Church of Owasso in 1999,” he says. “About six years ago, I felt like it was
time for me to “pastor” or care for people outside of the local church, and
Visiting Angels has been the way we’ve done that.”
Cole is excited that his realm of care has recently expanded
from a 40-mile radius of Tulsa/Owasso to a new location including a 30-mile
radius of Bartlesville. “I love the fact that we’re able to care for a generation of
people who have cared for others their entire lives,” he says. “There are so
many people who still can and should stay in their own homes rather than
uprooting them to move in with family or into a facility. What they need is
someone to check in on them, give them some basic assistance with everyday
tasks, or provide respite for a family caregiver. It’s a documented fact that
people live longer and live higher quality lives when allowed to stay in their
own homes.”
However, Visiting Angels services are not limited to the
elderly; they are available to anyone over the age of 18 who needs assistance.
“We’ve provided care for people for 25 up to 98 years old,” Cole says.
Visiting Angels offers three different levels of staff/services.
There are caregiver companions, certified nurse’s aides and home health aides.
Each is assigned based on the client’s unique health and task needs.
There are also unique standards that set Visiting Angels
apart from other home care services. “Although the state of Oklahoma only
requires a state background check, we do a national background check on all
staff; there is no requirement for the state of Oklahoma to drug test our
staff, but we do it anyway as a precaution,” Cole says.
“Also, we only hire caregivers with experience; they must
have worked in home health or a senior care facility for at least one year. And
we invite our clients to help us select their caregiver by sharing any
preferences they might have. You want a talker? We have them! You want someone
who could help you in the garden? We can find you one!
“And as a part of the fastest growing national homecare
franchise, we have a fantastic network of partnerships with senior-related
organizations and products that our clients benefit from.”
The Visiting Angels franchise has been in business for 14
years, and since then has spread to over five countries and more than 425 total
franchises. The Owasso/Tulsa location opened in 2006, and the new Bartlesville
location opened in 2011.
Visiting Angels is located at 15342 E. 76th St. N., in Owasso
and 2232 SE. Washington Blvd., Suite 206 in Bartlesville.
For more information, call (918) 609-5600 in Owasso and
(918) 333-7400 in Bartlesville. Email [email protected];
visit their website, like them on Facebook;
or follow them on Twitter.


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