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Who would pray for something like an incurable disease? I did.

I say prayers for my children, family and friends daily, and sometimes even our government. As far as myself … it is mainly just praying I recognize signs and follow the right path.  I have learned with age that I do not always understand the “why” at the time some things happen.

Five years ago today, Owassoisms was new and really catching attention. It was keeping me more than busy….then BAM!   From a hospital bed I was reading posts to my page that read “Owassoisms where are you?” 

Five years ago today I was rushed to the emergency room at St John Tulsa and was laying in a hospital bed with double vision, ringing in my ears, and unable to walk as I had no balance. I remained there for over two weeks.

After a barrage of tests over a day or two, I had a group of neurosurgeons standing in front of me – showing me an MRI of my brain. They pointed out several marble shaped spots. Tumors…..

Worst case….brain tumors they said. Best case….there “could” be a possibility that I had developed multiple sclerosis. Hearing both was terrifying.  I was told some forms for MS  can show up as tumorigenic lesions. Not usually that many, that large, or with those exact symptoms, but they would have to rule that out as well.

That day, as crazy as it sounds,  I prayed that I would have MS, and that prayer was answered. 

I have been blessed with amazing doctors, who themselves are amazed at my turn around. It wasn’t fast. My double vision continued for nearly 4 months. Scaring on my brain stem lets me know its there and can affect my balance. If I spend much time in the heat….I am worthless. I am told my MRI pictures often make the rounds at the OU School of Medicine. Students misdiagnosing tumors – teachers telling them otherwise.

Today, people who do not know my story usually have no idea I have MS. I am not 100% and never will be, but no complaints.  It is something I deal with, symptom by symptom, day by day, if and when they happen again. Should I need it my family is always there for me.

When I left the hospital, I received a lot of “I’m so sorry” comments from friends, family and even strangers. As I said then and say now don’t be. I will never be sorry for myself, only grateful for my answered prayer.