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02/23/2018 – The Owasso Police Department responds to reported threats to Owasso Public Schools with this post to their Facebook page:

Update to reported threats against Owasso Schools: The Owasso Police Department, in cooperation with the Owasso Public Schools, takes each and every alleged threat of violence against any school very serious.


Over the past few days several threats against one or more schools has been alleged. While no imminent threat was sustained, each was thoroughly investigated by Owasso Police and appropriate action was taken.


It is important for students, parents, or even school staff to report any perceived or alleged threat against any public or private school directly to police FIRST. Let trained law enforcement officers and investigators know of information so we can quickly identify the source of information to verify or debunk any threat.


It is important for parents to speak with children about spreading alleged threats, even if they do so in a joking manner. These moments children might consider levity; however, when overheard by others, can be taken as a threat, which turns into rumors. Circulating perceived rumors does little more than severely disrupt school functions and handicap already strained law enforcement resources.


We are asking anyone that receives information about any perceived or alleged threat to immediately report it to Owasso Police emergency dispatch center at 918-272-2244. We will continue to thoroughly and quickly investigate any perceived threat against any school, and your help is encouraged and appreciated.