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07/17/2018 If we build it, will they come?  That was the question Owasso Gathering on Main organizers asked themselves before planning their first event.

Over the last five years, Owasso Gathering on Main has worked to bring a strong sense of community to Owasso. When attending an event, you will surely run in to people you know, as thousands attend the street party the first Thursday of the month. 

Music, great food, memories and fun are always on the menu. Gathering staff hopes to bring smiles and happy memories for all those that visit each month.

Owasso’s Matt Hamrick came up with the idea, from memories of his own.  When he lived in California there were street fairs weekly where he lived. Those memories are what spurred Owasso Gathering on Main.  A social media push went out with a “if we build it will you come” type question, and the answers added up to a resounding YES.  The small group held their breaths and hoped for the best as the first event opened.  They were overwhelmed at the response. So were food vendors that night, as all of them ran out of food!  Since that night in 2013, it has been full steam ahead.

Each event is planned out by a (very small) group of volunteers, each member having their own job assignment.  Whether it be music, event volunteers, porta-pottys, food, etc., one person is in charge of making their job assignment happen each month. Planning a party for thousands  monthly is a big job, and a tiring one. As the season nears the end, admittedly they are ready for a fall/winter break, but keep things running through October, as giving back to the community is their goal.

Construction on Owasso’s Main Street over the last two years has presented its challenges.  They adapt to the changes monthly, to make sure the event is enjoyable for everyone.

The 2019 season will kick off April 4th.  This will also be the kick-off for the new Red Bud Festival Park. This will bring Main Street Music from the south end of the event to the new festival park stage at the North End.   In 2019 the Gathering on Main will have an entirely new footprint, that will bring new and exciting opportunities for their monthly street party on Main.

The next event is scheduled for Thursday, August 2nd.  If you are one of the few that has never been to a Gathering on Main event, there are three left for the 2018 season. Come out and see what you have been missing.

To find our more about Owasso Gathering on Main, visit their website at owassogathering.com