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 By: Anna Holton-Dean

All God’s Creatures Doggy Daycare and Pet Hotel (A Daycare, Boarding and Grooming Facility)


With seven dogs, Paula Reddick-Kephart’s home is practically a doggy daycare and pet hotel on its own. But as life would have it, owning and running All God’s Creatures Doggy Daycare and Pet Hotel in Owasso is also her day job, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. More appropriately, it was her dream come true.

“It was an epiphany during a marketing class that I realized I actually could do what I love,” Paula says. “I had often dreamed of having a pet business, but then finally understood that I could.”

Recently All God’s Creatures was chosen as the recipient for a 2013 Best of Owasso Award (for pet store), so it was clearly a good move. Formerly a member of the Tulsa Police Department within the forensics lab, Paula made the professional switch to something that has always been a constant in her life—animals.


“Animals give unconditional love,” she says. “When I am sick, they know something is wrong and try to comfort me. The least I can do is return the love and care they have shown me.”

She combines that love, along with her skill (and a Master’s degree in management) every day, caring for other people’s animals in the same way she cares for her own.

 “Caring for others’ animals is no different than caring for their children,” she says. “In fact, most of my customers refer to their pets as the kids, or the babies, or the children. I, too, feel that pets should be treated like our family members.”  

That belief is reflected in the way she runs All God’s Creatures. Crates are not used, but rather the animals sleep and eat in “cottages,” which offer an open feeling. Outside, there are three runs with plenty of space to run and play; indoors, there are six large runs, separated so small dogs have their own designated areas as well as the larger breeds. Each dog receives individual attention and care from the staff and enjoys lots of playtime and respite alike, Paula says.                                                                     

All staff members of All God’s Creatures, from groomers to kennel assistants, are highly trained in caring for pets from the smallest breeds, like Chihuahuas,  to the largest Great Danes. Whether you simply need a few hours of care or are going on a week-long vacation, let All God’s Creatures take care of your four-legged family member so you can have peace of mind.

All God’s Creatures is located at 1309 N. Main St. in Owasso. For more information and pricing, call (918) 274-9099; email [email protected]; or visit agcowasso.com.

All God's Creatures - Pet Hotel and Doggy Daycare - Owasso, OK