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Jaime Vrskac

07/30/2023 – Meet Jaime Vrskac, a passionate and dedicated flower enthusiast who owns and operates the charming Tall Pines Homestead Owasso, a roadside farm stand, where her love for flowers and nature takes center stage. Let’s delve into the heartwarming tale of her journey and the blossoming success of her dream project.

A Blooming Journey Begins

Jaime Vrskac has been a resident of Owasso since 2006, but it was only recently that she decided to share her love for flowers and farming with the world. Tall Pines Homestead Owasso was born out of a desire to spread joy, comfort, and beauty to others through the magic of blooms. Jaime firmly believes that flowers have a place in every stage of life – from moments of joy and celebration to times of solace and comfort.

A Roadside Farm Stand with a Heart

Tall Pines Homestead Owasso is not your typical farm stand. Operating on the honor system, the stand allows visitors to choose their desired items, including fresh flower bouquets, homemade bread, and free-range chicken eggs. Customers can either leave cash in a secure lockbox or make payment through a convenient Venmo QR code. Jaime’s dedication to keeping her customers informed is commendable; she regularly updates her social media pages, providing details on opening hours and available products.

A Family Project and Flower Haven

What makes Tall Pines Homestead Owasso truly special is the love and support of Jaime’s family. Her daughter assists in crafting delightful white bread loaves, while her sister creates the mouthwatering sourdough. The farm stand also owes its success to a flock of pampered chickens, each with its own name and plenty of space to roam freely. The reward for their royal treatment is a collection of beautiful eggs that grace the stand when open.

Challenges and Ambitions

With the farm stand rapidly gaining popularity, Jaime has set her sights on both short and long-term goals. In the short term, she aims to expand the stand’s operating hours, catering to her growing customer base. As for the long term, Jaime dreams of making her business mobile, allowing her to sell her cherished blooms and goodies at events and for special occasions.

The Story of Blooms

Jaime’s passion for flowers goes beyond just selling them; she meticulously grows each plant from seed, starting the process indoors from February to April before tenderly planting them outside. It’s a laborious yet immensely gratifying process that has resulted in the spectacular display of blossoms at Tall Pines Homestead Owasso.

Celebrating the Chickens

Starting August 1st, Jaime will be introducing the “employee of the month” concept, highlighting a star chicken each month. These feathered employees play an essential role in the farm’s success, and Jaime wants to show her appreciation by giving them a moment in the spotlight.

A Flourishing Future

As Tall Pines Homestead Owasso continues to thrive, Jaime is excited to witness its growth and evolution with time. While the dream of a mobile flower business beckons, she cherishes the present success and looks forward to the future with optimism and excitement.

In closing, Tall Pines Homestead Owasso stands as a testament to one woman’s love for flowers and her desire to share that love with others. Jaime Vrskac’s unwavering dedication and her family’s support have transformed a simple roadside farm stand into a blossoming haven of joy, bringing smiles to the faces of those who visit. The future holds promise, and with every bloom that graces her stand, Jaime’s dream continues to flourish and inspire all those who encounter her story.

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Tall Pines Homestead

14862 East 99th

Owasso, OK