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My seven year-old daughter has been in the pool a lot this summer.  Can too much chlorine be harmful to her skin?


Chlorine is a very common chemical that is found in many chemically-treated water sources.  It is in the water we drink, the water we use to bathe and in many swimming pools.  Most people will not notice any significant adverse affect on their skin from chlorine.  However, if someone is swimming frequently, they may experience increased dryness and flakiness in their skin due to the drying nature of this chemical.  It essentially strips the body of the oils it needs to keep the skin moisturized. 

If your daughter has trouble with dry skin, make sure to apply a moisturizer after swimming to help restore adequate hydration.  There are even swim lotions that can be applied prior to swimming to block the affect of chlorine on the skin.  Common brands include DermaSwim and Reflect H20. 



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