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Kwenchers Wine & Spirits

By Anna Holton-Dean

Owner Jason Hower says it was only natural for him to open Kwenchers Wine & Spirits, a new Owasso establishment with an amazing selection of wine, spirits and beer, along with a friendly, knowledgeable staff to assist customers. 

kwenchers wine racksWith a father in the retail grocery business for over 40 years and a grandfather in the agricultural field, he says a wine, spirits and beer store was in his blood. How so, you say? After his vivid, logical explanation, it makes perfect sense.

“There is probably no business that is more harmonious with those two professions than retail wine, spirits and beer,” Jason says. “There is so much perceived sophistication through how our products are marketed to the public that people often lose sight of the fact that it is an agriculture-based industry.

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“One of my fondest memories in this business was visiting a winery in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and riding through the vineyard with the owner in his beat up, old truck. At one point, he stopped the truck and jumped out to take the chain off a cattle gate and swung it open so we could drive through. If those vines had been soybeans, I would have sworn I was back home on my grandfather’s farm.”

He says oftentimes people see the labels and read reviews strategically crafted to conjure up images of high society so much so that it seems like an aristocratic industry.  “But the truth of the matter is the people that own and produce the products we sell are often farmers that pay more attention to the weather forecast than the stock market report,” Jason says.

“They wear boots and jeans, not suits and ties, and when asked about why they decided to get into the business, the answers revolve around emotion and passion, not dollars and cents. I’m honored to be able to share their stories and offer their products.”

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And that is exactly what he will begin doing on July 30 at Kwenchers grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony when he opens the door to customers, where the sole purpose is making them happy.

“You want great selection? We’ve got it. You want help picking out a gift that will wow and amaze? We can do that. Need help planning a wedding reception or company party? Piece of cake. Want to know more about our products? Just tell us when to stop. Low prices? We’d rather have 100 nickels than one dollar. Want to do business with friendly, courteous people? That’s how we roll.”

In providing quality service and products, Jason says he immediately knew Owasso was the perfect spot to complement his business and purpose. “The more time I spend in Owasso, the more I’m reminded of my hometown in Kansas,” he says. “Owasso has everything I’m looking for, not just as a business owner but as a future resident.

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“There is such a strong sense of community here, and although it is growing at a rapid rate, the city has continued to not lose sight of what I consider to be small-town, traditional Midwestern values. I feel like I’ve found a permanent home here, and I look forward to hopefully raising a family in Owasso and finding ways to contribute to the community beyond my business.”

Discounts are given to all police, firefighters, military and senior citizens. There are also discounts on purchases of six bottles of wine and mixed cases of beer.

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Kwenchers Wine & Spirits is located at 12914 E. 86th St. N., in Owasso.

Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

For more information, visit thespiritedexperts.com; email [email protected]; call (918) 609-6753; or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.