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01/29/2019 – Have you wondered what the “Support Owassoisms” button is below some of our Facebook posts?

Being a well established and trusted business page, Facebook has more than once come to us to test new options, and that is exactly what this button is.

Facebook has started to test a membership model that allows page fans to support their favorite creators with a monthly recurring fee. Does this mean you will see less if you don’t subscribe? No, it actually just means you will see more.

As Owassoisms is participating in the test, we will be able to provide supporters exclusive content, first looks, and exclusive contests and giveaways. Patrons will also get special badges to display on their Facebook profiles.

“We plan to offer a range of monetization options to serve the wide range of creators at various stages of their journeys,” said Facebook VP of product Fidji Simo and director of entertainment partnerships Sibyl Goldman in a blog post. “We’ll start testing with a small set of creators so we can gather feedback from them and their fans before expanding.”

Facebook trusts us enough that we are one of that small set.  We were able to select from a subscriber fee ranging from $.99 cents to $29.99 per month.  We opted for the $.99 cents per month, which is less than a cup of coffee.  If you value the service and information we bring you and choose to subscribe, we thank you in advance.

We are partnering with local businesses for “subscriber only” specials, discounts and events which will roll out in February.

So thank you to those that have already hit the subscribe button.   If you would like to become an Owassoisims Supporter, you may sign up by clicking the “become a supporter button” under this post link on our Facebook page.