Owasso Green Teens Curbside Recycling Receives Grant from PepsiCo


08/12/2020 – Owasso Green Teens Curbside Recycling has received a grant from PepsiCo Recycling that allows them to purchase more cans. The local  Curbside Recycling Service in Owasso is operated by a Brother/Sister Team that attend Owasso Public Schools.  Recycling is picked up for customers every Saturday.

Announced in August 2020, this grant will allow more people to start recycling in our community. OGTR plans to purchase recycling cans with the grant.  This will also allow Green Teens Curbside Recycling to offer a special promotion to sign up for their services for free!.  Find out more at www.owassorecycling.com


 Owasso Green Teens Curbside Recycling is a veteran-owned curbside recycling company based in Owasso. Operated by a brother and sister duo, Seth and Sydney, and helped by the father, Jake. The siblings are local teens that attend Owasso High School and participate in athletics. Sydney (18) plays soccer for the lady Rams and plans to attend OBU in the fall of 2021. Seth (17) is part of the Rams football team. We are a family ran company here to make recycling easy for you!!





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