Owasso Police Call Logs for Oct 10, 2018


HANDLED 10/10/2018 0039
Location:100 blk N Main St
Nature Of Complaint:cos Vehicle
Vehicle being followed to the police Department

HANDLED 10/10/2018 0156
Location:100 Blk S Atlanta
Nature Of Complaint:Domestic In Progress Verbal
two people yelling in parking lot of business 

HANDLED 10/10/2018 0534
Location:14400 blk E 83 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Welfare Check All
Welfare Check on male detoxing

HANDLED 10/10/2018 1011
Location:100 blk N Main St
Nature Of Complaint:Harass Stalking
Female being stalked by male

HANDLED 10/10/2018 1035
Location:100 Blk N Main St
Nature Of Complaint:Fraud All
Bank Fraud

Report 10/10/2018 1141
Location:100 blk N Main St
Nature Of Complaint:Theft Report From Structure
Items taken from residence

Arrest 10/10/2018 1139
Location:1500 blk E 90 Pl N
Nature Of Complaint:Drugs Found
Syringe found in backpack

HANDLED 10/10/2018 1248
Location:100 Blk n main St
Nature Of Complaint:Vandal Report all
Vehicle damaged while at business

HANDLED 10/10/2018 1420
Location:500 Blk E 2 Ave
Nature Of Complaint:shoplifting In Progress
Black females shoplifting from business

HANDLED 10/10/2018 1526
Location:9000 Blk N 121 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Welfare Check All
Check on small children in a vehicle

Report 10/10/2018 1706
Location:100 blk N Main St
Nature Of Complaint:Domestic Report Violate
female violated protective order by phone

HANDLED 10/10/2018 1718
Location:13000 Blk E 114 Ct N
Nature Of Complaint:Harass Threats
children harassing each other

Unable 10/10/2018 1740
Location:10900 Blk E 98 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Cos Vehicle
car sitting in front of residence for about 20 mins

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