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HANDLED 10/03/2013 0032

Location:8700 Block of N 97 E Ave

Nature Of Complaint: Disturbance Loud Noise

Sounds of people moving furniture in a residence

HANDLED 10/03/2013 0405

Location:14100 block of E 106 St N

Nature Of Complaint:Disturbance Loud Noise

People being Loud outside a residence

HANDLED 10/03/2013 0511

Location:7500 block of N Owasso Expy

Nature Of Complaint:Domestic In Progress Verbal

Couple arguing at business

Report 10/03/2013 0738

Location:1400 block of E 89 St N

Nature Of Complaint:Theft From Veh

Items taken from Vehicle last night

Report 10/03/2013 0925

Location:100 block W 1 St

Nature Of Complaint:Drugs Found

Controlled substance found in residence

Arrest 10/03/2013 1133

Location:12100 Block of E 96 St N

Nature Of Complaint:Shoplifting In Progress

White Male stealing dvd’s from local store

Unable 10/03/2013 1253

Location:10600 block of E 86 St N

Nature Of Complaint:Theft In Progress Gas Drive off

Red Chevy pickup left without paying for gas

Cancel 10/03/2013 1254

Location:9000 Block of N 121 E Ave

Nature Of Complaint:Disturbance Verbal Not Domestic

White male causing disturbance

Report 10/03/2013 1347

Location:8600 Block of N 141 E ave

Nature Of Complaint:Vandal Report

Entrance to neighborhood vandalized

Report 10/03/2013 1507

Location:100 block of N Main St

Nature Of Complaint:Theft From Veh

Items taken from Vehicle

HANDLED 10/03/2013 1548

Location:8500 Block N 129 E ave

Nature Of Complaint:Missing Person All Excerpt runaway

12 year old male missing from local business

HANDLED 10/03/2013 1752

Location:12100 block of E 96 St N

Nature Of Complaint:Sex Crime Child pornography

possible child pornography photos at business

HANDLED 10/03/2013 1823

Location:8900 Block of N 133 E Ave

Nature Of Complaint:Cos Person

White male soliciting in neighborhood against hoa rules

HANDLED 10/03/2013 1844

Location:500 block of E 2 Ave

Nature Of Complaint:Theft Report All Other

paper tag missing from vehicle

Report 10/03/2013 2001

Location:1000 block of N Cedar St

Nature Of Complaint:Theft Report Auto Theft

Vehicle stolen from residence earlier today

HANDLED 10/03/2013 2054

Location:9600 Block of N Garnett Rd

Nature Of Complaint:Traffic Reckless/Drunk/Roadrage

possible intoxicated driver in a Grey pickup

HANDLED 10/03/2013 2126

Location:7400 block of E 82 Pl N

Nature Of Complaint:Cos Person

Unknown white male walking away from residence

Unable 10/03/2013 2136

Location:8600 block of Us 169 Nb

Nature Of Complaint:Traffic Reckless/Drunk/Roadrage

Little black sports car driving erratically

HANDLED 10/03/2013 2212

Location:100 block of N Main St

Nature Of Complaint:Found Property All

Wallet found on the street in front of residence

Report 10/03/2013 2257

Location:100 Block of W 3 St

Nature Of Complaint:Theft Report Attempted Break In

Someone made entry into home sometime tonight and took items from the residence.