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Chris Turner, Owner – Muncheezzz Food Truck

Sometimes for lunch, you just want something different. For the Owassoisms staff that is hard to do, but today we managed to find something. 


"The reason I do what I do"

“The reason I do what I do”

Late this morning the staff drove over to the “Muncheezzz” food truck, which is a permanent fixture in the Hi-View Mini-mart lot at 96th Street North and 145th East Avenue.  Meeting Chris Turner, the owner was a joy in itself, as he smiled the entire time we were there which showed only a small part of his awesome personality. The first thing you notice when you walk up to the trailer is a picture of his 6 month old baby girl in the window.  


Pondering the menu, we each wanted to try something different, then taste test off each others plates. Upon ordering Chris said  “I’d come out there and hug you guys but I’m going to put that love into cook’n your food!”   I will admit that after one taste, selfishness kicked in making it hard to still want to share. 



“Allelujah fries”


Tricia decided on the “Allelujah Fries” which consisted of fresh cut fries (just the way I like them) covered in pulled pork, smoked bacon, shredded cheese, delicious BBQ sauce and ranch.  When I asked Tricia about her meal she said Some of the BEST BBQ I have ever had!”

Porky Pig Platter

Porky Pig Platter


Next up was Dean’s lunch. I believe he picked the largest item on the menu.  He chose the “Porky Pig” which consisted of the same bed of fresh fries covered in bologna, polish sausage, hot links and bacon. It was covered in BBQ sauce and drizzled in ranch.  Besides Dean trying to talk like Porky Pig, he said “The taste was unbelievable, like no BBQ I have ever had before.” “The hot links were not too hot, the polish sausage and bologna were awesome. It all blended together to make a great meal.”




Soul Food Tacos

Soul Food Tacos

And for me it was the “Soul Food Tacos.”  They were large tortillas shaped and fried into taco shells. I picked the chicken which also included cheese, lettuce and BBQ sauce. The two jumbo sizes tacos were served with a side of fresh cut fries.  What did I think? “Can we go there again for dinner?”


IMG_2635We all three topped off our meal with their homemade lemonade which was equally as good.


We took our orders back to the office to enjoy, but if you choose there are two outdoor tables to sit and eat at.  As our order was being prepared we sat and listened to relaxing jazz and blues music piped out from the truck. Menu prices ranged from $4.00-$9.99.


Muncheezzz is located on the southeast corner of 96th and 145th East Avenue in Owasso. They are open from 11am to 7pm Monday through Saturday.  You can reach them by phone at 918-644-2743. You can follow them on Facebook by clicking here!