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RCS 3rd- and 5th-grade students perform “The Christmas Cross”

 3rd gr program

On Dec. 15, together Rejoice Christian Schools’ third- and fifth-grade students performed the musical “The Christmas Cross.” The musical focuses on a choir director who is leading children through their first rehearsal for a “Christmas Extravaganza.” As the children begin to share their thoughts about Christmas, the heart of the story comes to life. A very special Christmas ornament helps remind the children about God’s love and His message.


3rd grade program 

In the musical, the character Mary tells about a Christmas Cross, which is a very special family ornament, and the ornament helps Mary tell the story of God’s love. Many RCS fifth-grade students had speaking roles in the musical, and both RCS third- and fifth-grade students told the musical’s story via songs, such as “Merry Christmas Bells,” “You Can’t Have Christmas Without Jesus,” “Country Boys,” “The Christmas Cross,” “Tell Me the Story of Jesus” and “Still, Silent Night.”