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The Senate this week completed its seventh week of business, as we approach the mid-point of this year’s legislative session. We have three weeks remaining to consider House bills in our Senate committees, and we will soon begin addressing budget-related issues.brinkley


The Legislature also met in joint session this week to honor a very special group – Oklahoma veterans and active service members. This day gives us the opportunity to thank our veterans for their sacrifice. It is also a reminder that hard-won freedoms are worth fighting for.


We were privileged to be joined by Mabel “Mike” Stephanic, 94, who lives in the Norman Veterans Center. She served as a nurse in World War II during some of the fiercest fighting in Europe, including Normandy. She went on to teach Chemistry at Oklahoma State University for 27 years. Her experiences are a reminder of the sacrifices made to uphold our principles on the field of battle, and we are forever in debt to those who have served the cause of freedom. I was humbled to take part in this ceremony to honor the legacy of our veterans and active service members.


This ceremony also underscored the importance of legislation advanced this year to improve services offered at the state’s veteran centers. The men and women who represent us in the armed services deserve the best care when they come home, and they deserve to be treated with dignity as seniors. This legislation will help us guarantee better service for our veterans.



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