Beloved Dance Academy

After the scorching temps of summer, an indoor extracurricular activity sounds more appealing than ever. Beloved Dance Academy in Owasso-Collinsville not only provides cool entertainment for your child but faith-based quality instruction, building up your little one inside and out, Owner/Instructor Amy Stokes says.


“Many parents that come to our studio are just like I was,” she says. “They want quality instruction for their kids, but they would love it to be in an atmosphere that supports the beliefs they are instilling in their children at home. We focus on technique, and we also focus on matters of the heart. Our recitals have themes. For example, one year was “True Beauty.” So all semester we focused on teaching the students what makes a person truly beautiful. It’s awesome to see our new parents attend their first recital and see the gratefulness pouring from them as they see their kids not only dancing but giving a message of truth.”
Before opening her own studio, Stokes participated in dance for 25 years. Passionate about the art, she looked for a faith-based dance program and found one a few towns
away, feeling it was worth the drive. Having lived her whole life in Collinsville and Owasso, she knew the community and believed there were many like-minded people in Owasso-Collinsville. So she began teaching dance classes in partnership with It’s a Small World daycare in 2005. As word spread, she began teaching other children throughout the area.
Today, Beloved Dance Academy is located at 427 S. 12th Street in Collinsville, offering tap, ballet and hip hop instruction. (Hip hop is also offered at German Corner.) Classes range from 3 years to teens, and boys are welcome. 
 With four children herself, Stokes knows how expensive extracurricular activities can be and does her best to make dance affordable for all families. “I always keep my parents’ financial well-being in mind for tuition and costumes. Our parents absolutely love the affordability and practicality of our
pricing,” she says.
Tuition starts at $35/month for 3 to 5 year olds; 1st grade classes and over are $40/month for the first class, $30 for the second class and $25 for a third class.
Fall classes begin August 27th, and enrollment is now open. For fast, easy enrollment or for more information, call (918) 281-9469; email [email protected].
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