OPS Posts Q&A Regarding Potential Work Stoppage by Owasso’s Teachers


Owasso Public Schools has posted a Q&A for parents regarding potential upcoming teacher walk-out.


Q & A For Parents

Q:   Why are the teachers planning a work stoppage in Oklahoma?

A:   The legislature has not given a pay raise to teachers in nearly a decade and the Oklahoma Education Association believes this is the only way to truly get that issue addressed.

Q: Do we have to make up the days that school is out during the work stoppage?

A: Yes.  For each day we are out of school, we will need to add a day at the end of the year.  If we are out five days, we will add five days at the end of the school calendar.

Q: What is the maximum number of days there can be a work stoppage?

A: There is no maximum number of days.  However, 180 days or 1080 hours of instruction is required by law.  If we have less than that amount, we risk having our State funding reduced proportionately to the time we miss.

Q: Who decides that school is not in session?

A: Dr. Ogilvie, our Superintendent, was given permission on March 12th by the Board of Education to cancel school if we cannot hold classes due to a lack of teachers available for the safety and education of our students.

Q: State testing begins in April.  How will this affect those tests?

A: Our State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister shared in a letter dated March 12th that there would be no change in the state testing schedules.  Owasso Public Schools will modify its schedule based on the days school is not in session to make sure all required testing takes place. The only way tests would not be made up is if the work stoppage exceeds the entire window available for state testing.

Q: Will graduation be moved for the Class of 2018?

A: No.  We rent the Mabee Center and have a contract for May 22, 2018.  That cannot be changed.

Q: Will the Prom be moved for the Class of 2018?

A: No. The Prom is scheduled for April 21, 2018 and will not be cancelled.


Q: Will Tulsa Tech still serve students during the work stoppage?

A: Tulsa Tech serves both adult students and high school students.  Therefore, Tulsa Tech will be in session. If there is no school for Owasso Public Schools due to the work stoppage, our high school students can still attend their Tulsa Tech classes.  

Q: Will Owasso students be transported to Tulsa Tech for their classes?

A: Tulsa Tech reimburses our district for the transportation of our students from Owasso to the various Tulsa Tech campuses.  Students may drive themselves to their Tulsa Tech campus or they may come to Owasso High School and ride the bus to their Tech Campus.

Q: Will Owasso students be able to attend concurrent (college) classes at TCC?

A: Yes, off campus college classes will continue on schedule.


Q: Are the teachers paid for the days school is cancelled?

A: Teachers are on a 180 day contract. As long as they are able to work 180 days by June 30, 2018 there will be no reduction in the teachers pay.

Q: Will extra-curricular activities take place if school is not in session due to a work stoppage by our teachers?

A: All athletic games and tournaments, fine arts competitions, concerts, extra-curricular activities, etc. will take place as previously scheduled.

Q: Can practice occur for fine arts, athletics, and other activities?

A: Practices can occur after 3:00 p.m.   However, practice cannot occur during regular school hours.

Q: If students have an out-of-state trip planned for a competition, concert, tournament, etc. can that still occur?

A: Yes. Out-of-state trips are approved by the Board of Education well in advance of the event.  Parents and students have conducted fundraisers for those events. They will still occur.

Q: What do I do if I have particular questions about my student’s activities?

A: Please begin with your school site and give your child’s principal an opportunity to answer any questions.  If we have patterns of questions that need to be added to this list, we will do so as a district.


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