Owasso Police Call Logs for Nov 06, 2018

HANDLED 11/06/2018 0638
Location:11800 blk E 80 PL N
Nature Of Complaint:Disturbance Verbal Not Domestic
People arguing in residence

Unable 11/06/2018 0802
Location:200 blk E 20 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Weapon Shots Fired
Shot heard in a neighborhood

HANDLED 11/06/2018 0910
Location:2200 blk N Birch St
Nature Of Complaint:Welfare Check All
911 Hang Up From a residence

HANDLED 11/06/2018 0955
Location:8700 blk N Owasso Expy
Nature Of Complaint:Cos Person
Male sleeping next to a business

HANDLED 11/06/2018 1012
Location:14300 blk E 83 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Welfare Check All
Check On male at a residence

HANDLED 11/06/2018 1208
Location:11600 blk E 76 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Drugs in Progress Selling/Use
Male appears to be on something at business

HANDLED 11/06/2018 1229
Location:8500 blk N 123 E ave
Nature Of Complaint:Assault report All but Domestic
Resident assaulted another resident at nursing home

Report 11/06/2018 1617
Location:100 blk N Main St
Nature Of Complaint:Domestic Report Violate Po
Male violated protective order by coming to residence

HANDLED 11/06/2018 1618
Location:11900 blk E 100 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Traffic Reckless/Drunk/Roadrage
Two trucks racing down roadway

HANDLED 11/06/2018 1658
Location:10700 blk E 121 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Domestic In Progress Viol prot
Male violated protective order by showing up at residence

HANDLED 11/06/2018 1842
Location:11900 blk E 78 Pl N
Nature Of Complaint:Cos Open Door
Check open door on residence

Unable 11/06/2018 2037
Location:100 blk N Main St
Nature Of Complaint:Cos Person
Hispanic male getting into unoccupied vehicles

HANDLED 11/06/2018 2154
Location:100 Blk W 2 St
Nature Of Complaint:Theft Report From Veh
stolen id from vehicle

HANDLED 11/06/2018 2248
Location:12900 blk E 86 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Welfare Check All
Check on black female behind a business

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